I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the ketogenic, as it’s been blowing up all over the internet with many people claiming their dramatic weight loss and improved health, thanks to this strict way of eating.

I originally decided to try the ketogenic eating plan after my best friend recommended it to me. I noticed my bestfriend getting tinnier and I asked her what’s her secret. She told me to try keto.

watch The name keto is short for ‘ketogenic’ and the aim is to reach ketosis which means your body releases ketones which forces your body to get its energy from fat, instead of your body fueling itself with glucose from carbohydrates. In order to achieve this, you have to severely limit your carb intake (to roughly 20g of carbohydrates a day) and increase your fat intake (to higher than your protein intake) and eating a moderate amount of protein. When I was at my best friend’s house I took a peak into her cabinet and surprised to see vegetables, meat and KetoGellCaps.

Another big part of the keto method is figuring out what calories you should be consuming (for weight gain, weight loss or maintenance) as well as your macros (carbohydrate intake, fat intake and protein intake). Once I had the basic research down I cleared my cupboards of any food I wasn’t allowed and did my first keto food shop. I joined Facebook groups to help me get recipe ideas and to see other peoples results which I hoped would keep me motivated.