Hummingbird Cereal




Based in Astoria, NY,  we at Hummingbird Cereal are passionate about breakfast and the environment. 

Our products are plant-based, made with whole grains and are easy to prepare.  We believe the best flavor can be achieved by using quality ingredients, sans cruelty or preservatives.  

We only source ingredients from the highest quality producers, who support economic and environmental sustainability, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Our Values

Honesty, Community, Health

Our Mission

To create a complete, nutritious, and ecologically friendly selection of breakfast foods, providing our community with the best product we can make or find.  We vow to always operate under conditions that are beneficial for both our customers and suppliers, and to advocate for the preservation of natural seed diversity.


What do we mean by "best product we can make or find"?

In order to make our assortment, a product must be health supportive, free of refined sugar, rigorously taste tested, of highest quality, and affordable to most. If a product exists that we believe in and we think others will benefit from, we will do anything we can to responsibly source and share it with our consumers. If we can’t find the product we believe in on the shelves, we will do everything we can to produce it ourselves in a manner that upholds our core values and mission.


Why strive to operate under conditions that are beneficial to our customers and suppliers?

We believe that business does not have to be a zero-sum game. In other words, we believe there is a way to do business in which all parties involved benefit. We will always strive to form partnerships with those who share our values and, in turn, create value and health supportive products for our customers.

Meet the founders

Amelia is our food and nutrition expert.  After pursuing finance and economics in San Diego, she moved to NYC to study cooking and nutrition at the Natural Gourmet Institute.  Now she blends her passions by developing healthful, nourishing, and flavorful food and delivering it to the masses.  Amelia is a firm believer in balanced and nutritious meals and she has influenced many lives for the better.  In short, we trust her with our own health and if a product doesn’t pass her judgment, it doesn’t make it as our product.


Sean Couey - Hummingbird Cereal Co-Founder

Sean is our sales expert and product developer extraordinaire.  He honed his skills at OXO in New York City, where he learned to make any product the company developed the best and most competitive it could be.  Hawaiian born and California raised, Sean learned to love the outdoors almost from birth.  From surfing on the Kaua’i coast to hiking in the Sierras, he now enjoys winter camping and climbing in the Adirondacks and traveling to places, such as Iceland and Japan, to discover new terrains and learn about not only different cultures, but how they approach the familiar in different and exciting ways.  Sean is an adventurer and innovator who sees the old and makes it new by layering it with his unique and professional stamp; be it ceramics, breadmaking, woodworking, or renovating and restoring single cylinder engines.  Whatever Sean throws himself into, he does it with consummate excellence - which clearly shows in our product line.